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The Power Bowl Comes to Wichita

Thanks to Two Olives, the trendy new health food concept of the power bowl has made its way to Wichita. A power bowl is a balanced, highly nutritious meal in a single bowl. It contains whole grains, protein and an abundance of vegetables, as well as other ingredients that balance the profile such as nuts, seeds or beans. The bowl is typically topped with a delicious and healthy dressing or sauce.
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Piccadilly replacement Two Olives mixes familiar with new

Joumana and Randa Toubia – the sisters of the father of Wichita’s fine dining scene, the late Antoine Toubia – have managed to do something that feels new with their latest endeavor, Two Olives.
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Two Olives Offers Two Distinct Dining Styles

Totally transforming its serving style and ambiance between meals, Two Olives brings two very distinct dining styles and a whole new concept to the face of Wichita dining.
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Eating Healthy in Wichita

Eating right is important, but eating out and eating right can be difficult. Here's a list of healthy restaurants in Wichita that offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.
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Wichita Entrepreneurs: The Toubia Family

Today, the Toubia family’s Latour restaurant company includes The Muse, Bagatelle Bakery, Olive Tree Banquets and Catering and the soon-to-open Two Olives Gourmet Cafe.
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The heat is higher in restaurant kitchens for female chefs

Latour’s Joumana and Randa Toubia, whose brother Antoine was a forefather of Wichita’s fine dining scene, are among the few female heads-of-kitchen in Wichita, and getting there has been a struggle at times, they say.
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Mural new top spot to take a picture in Wichita

As part of Avenue Art Days last October, local artists Josh Tripoli and Rebekah Lewis painted a Wichita-themed mural on a side wall at College Hill Deli, 3407 E. Douglas, aptly titled “Wichita.
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Two Olives

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  • 10am to 3pm at the Olive Tree

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